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In the Middle Ages, Justiciars were appointed by the rulers of at least seven kingdoms: England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Normandy, and Lombardy. They were known as Lagmen in Sweden. A few Justiciars have been verified shortly following the Middle Ages. They were often noblemen, of sterling character, who had proven loyal to the monarch. Those who serve as Prime Ministers are the closest modern equivalents of Chief Justiciars.
The insignia of the Order features the Lion of Justice holding the crown and castle.  It's anchored by crests of the seven kingdoms.
Colors of the Order
Azure and Sterling
Azure honors the loyalty of the Justiciars to the Monarchs of the countries they served.  Sterling signifies their integrity and worth. 
Flowers of the Order
White Lilies, White Roses, and Blue Delphiniums
Motto of the Order
"Loyalty, Wisdom, Character – Reward through service”
History of the Organizing of the Order of the Descendants of the Justiciars
In late November 2011, Mrs. Sharon Stine initiated a new Order based upon lineal descent from Justiciars. Mrs. Carla Odom was appointed as Co-Founder. The following February, Mrs. Ann Williams was invited to serve as a Co-Founder. Mrs. Stine was persuaded to adopt the title of Chief Justiciar. In March, Mr. Barry Howard accepted the invitation to serve as Third Vice-Justiciar. Second Vice-Justiciar Williams filed for the Order’s incorporation in Georgia. Original plans were to hold the Founding Meeting during Heritage Season in Washington, DC in 2013, however, Second Vice-Justiciar Williams suggested the event be moved forward one year. The Founding Meeting, also remembered as the Founding Convocation, was held April 15, 2012 in the Library of the Army and Navy Club. This Order has the distinction of being the first lineage group ever remembered to utilize that space for that purpose. Those persons in attendance agreed all present who qualified for membership would be according the status of founding member. Third Vice-Justiciar Howard listed the Order’s Founding Convocation on the HSC meeting schedule site at the outset. The Charter period was determined to begin immediately following the meeting and be held open until March 1, 2013. Mrs. Karen Miller and LTC Charles Odom were bestowed honorary membership and placed in appointed positions for the first administration.
The bylaws were adopted with a revision. Councillor Michael Schenk designed the splendid Justiciars shield that is utilized on official publications, membership certificates and insignia.  Councillor John H. Jones granted wise advice for establishing a sound financial footing.  First Vice-Justiciar Odom served as the initial Insignia Chairman and provided the gentlemen’s ribbons and ladies; ribbons and sashes.  Coordination was achieved with CityPride, LTD to produce the Order’s regalia. 
        The Justiciars Journal was established as the official communiqué that was distributed in several issues a year to keep members abreast of the business and activities of the Order.  A Spotlight section featured a number of the officers and council.  The Charter and First Annual Convocation invitations were coordinated with Exchequer Michael Swisher who donated the Order’s dies for embossing and special paper stock for membership certificates and invitations for application for membership.  Auditors Roy Smith and Charles Robert Odom reviewed the financial records.  Parliamentarian Karen Miller provided sound advice for the Order’s convocations.
          The Charter Convocation was held at The Army and Navy Club on Sunday, April 14, 2013. Third Vice-Justiciar Barry Howard brought a toast to the Order.  A reception followed.  Beautiful white Roses and blue Delphiniums were arranged in silver vases exhibited on the Grand Promenade, at the tea table, and throughout the meeting by Grantham Wood who was elected Chairman of the Nominating Committee to serve with Shelby Ward and Carla Odom. 
           The First Annual Convocation was held on Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the Army and Navy Club.  Grantham Wood placed palm fronds for the head table and provided the flowers of the Order through the meeting room and adjoining areas.  Sally Hlavay brought prayers and a blessing in old English.  The first slate of officers was elected.  Shelby Ward conducted the installation service.  Newly installed Chief Justiciar Carla Odom announced appointments.  A delicious Tea followed the convocation.  Order of Descendants of the Justiciars reached out with space and time to the Organizing Meeting of the Society of Descendants of Lady Godiva that followed immediately. 
          The first Scroll was edited for publication in the Odom administration.  Members were encouraged to remain engaged in raising awareness of the role of the Justiciars in medieval world history. The 2014 Issue of the Justiciars Journal was presented in full color copy by Editor Barry Christopher Howard. 
            The Second Annual Convocation was held April 12, 2015  as a joint Champagne Luncheon with the Hereditary Order of the Descendants of the Loyalists and Patriots of the American Revolution and the National Order of the Blue and Gray in the Grand Ballroom of The Army and Navy Club, Washington, DC.  First Vice-Justiciar Ann Williams Garner presented special gifts on behalf of the Order to other national leaders attending the event.  Second Vice-Justiciar Barry Christopher Howard was the program speaker presenting the topic of the History of Hereditary Organizations in the United States.  Councillor Michael Schenk provided a brief program about his design of the Order's emblem and insignia.  Bylaw amendments were adopted that clarified the recompense of the Keeper of the Rolls/Genealogist. 
            Chief Justiciar Odom appointed Mrs. DeEtte DuPree Nesbitt and Mrs. Princess Karen S. Cantrell as Honorary Members of the Order.  Editor Barry Howard provided the 2015 Issue of the Justiciars Journal.  Chief Justiciar Carla Odom appointed a Scholarship Steering Committee comprised of the Honorary Members and First Vice-Justiciar Ann Williams Garner to prepare a bylaw proposal for consideration of the membership attending the Third Annual Convocation regarding possible adoption of a Scholarship Committee authorized to offer scholarships as designated funds are available on an annual basis. 
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