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Activities of the Order of the Descendants of the Justiciars
The Order meets annually in April in Washington, D.C. during the Hereditary Society week.
The Justiciars Journal is the official communiqué and is distributed in several issues a year to keep members abreast of the business and activities of the Order.  A Spotlight section features a number of the officers and council.
The Order Honors Significant Milestones or Events in the History of America before 28 July 1914.
New Years Day                             Recognized June 28, 1870.  Now observed on January 1.
Abraham Lincoln's Birthday       February 12, 1809.
George Washington's Birth        February 22, 1732.
Easter                                           Observed at the outset of this nation on the first Sunday after                                                             Pascal full moon.
Memorial Day                              Recognized May 5, 1868.  Now observed on the last Monday                                                               in May.
Independence Day                      July 4, 1776.
Columbus Day                            October 12, 1492.  Now observed as the Monday following the                                                            second Sunday in October.
Thanksgiving                              November 1621.  Now observed on the fourth Thursday                                                                       in November. 
Christmas                                    Observed at the outset of this nation on December 25th.
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